Prayer Maps

While you live and work here every day, Mississippi is your mission field. And the harvest is ripe. Nearly 2.4 million of your Mississippi neighbors are just like Paul. Lost.
“…love your neighbor as yourself…” (Lev. 19:18) Lead him to Christ.


Take a Moment to Pray for the Unreached in Mississippi and Panama


  • All around our world, there are lost people who need You, Lord. From Mississippi to Panama, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will reach them.


  • Father, we pray for our lost in Mississippi. Please awaken our people with fresh winds of Your Spirit, Your hope.


  • We pray for those in our community. Help lead us, Lord, to the ones who do not yet know You. Through Your Spirit and Your Word, let us help lead them to You.


  • Lord, as Your Spirit reaches out to each one in our neighborhood, please allow us to be there to tell them of Your love!


  • We pray that each one Your Spirit touches will accept You and know the joy of having You in their hearts!


  • In Jesus' name, Amen.


Mississippi as a Mission Field


The map to the left shows the county lines and the five regions with different colors. 

* Current Population: 2,967,133 

* Current % Evangelical: 19.80% 

The % Evangelical is the current percent active evangelical presence, meaning this is the percent that attend an evangelical church at least one Sunday per month. 

Data source: Glenmary Study, update by


Mississippi Compared to World Countries of Similar Size

Lithuania 3,249,400 1.10%
Albania 3,195,000 0.50%
Kuwait 3,051,000 1.50%
MISSISSIPPI 2,967,133 19.80%
Mongolia 2,802,400 1.20%
Jamaica 2,730,000 28.00%
Oman 2,694,094 0.80%


Panama as a Mission Field

The map to the left shows the provincial lines and the regions with different colors. 

* Current Population: 3,405,813 

* Current % Evangelical: 19.30% 

The % Evangelical is the current percent evangelical presence. 

Data source: Operation World, 2010 edition


Panama Compared to US States of Similar Size

Oregon 3,872,008 8.50%
Oklahoma 3,724,483 16.50%
Connecticut 3,533,116 3.60%
PANAMA          3,405,813 19.30%
Iowa 3,022,425 8.10%
Mississippi 2,967,133 19.80%
Arkansas 2,913,079 20.30%